A smaller percentage of households have cable TV and more households have broadband and Internet services in comparison to 10 years ago

Specifically, cable TV subscription in Multnomah County has dropped over 28% in just the last 5 years,  while broadband and access to  Internet at home, based on the Scientific Survey, has increased by about 10% of the overall population in the last 10 years. Differing from 10 years ago, cable TV is more expensive but also has a higher number of services, and broadband access to the Internet has much greater capacity. National data and this Study indicates that broadband, for those where it is available and who can afford it, reaches a diverse population, while cable TV tends to skew older with some adjustments age-wise based on households with parents and children, younger households that are heavily into sports (because there’s more sports coverage on cable TV than there is through any other means), and some lower socioeconomic households where cable TV can continue to provide a beneficial price/value comparison versus other forms of entertainment.